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Community-led research


Connecting community and research We invite communities to articulate questions they would like investigated and stipulate how research should be conducted in ways that are of most benefit to them and do not inflict harm.


Professor Valerie Harwood, Dr Sheelagh Daniels-Mayes, Professor Deb Hayes, Dr Samantha McMahon, Dr Lynette Riley.

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Sydney School of Education and Social Work

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We aim to work with people from local communities and carry out research collectively. Communities can then make claims on outcomes that are of benefit to them. Our approach reflects a growing recognition of the importance of codesign and service-user involvement in social, health and education policy and programs at the global, national and local level. We deploy and develop collaborative interdisciplinary research processes to address pressing and complex problems that mark modernity on a scale not previously encountered. Our aim is to transform traditional research through reorienting decision-making about what, how and where knowledge-building occurs. Home to academics and researchers from the University of Sydney, we welcome researchers in all disciplines from Australia and around the world. We are setting out to provide alternatives to top-down research processes, and to share the work produced through community-led approaches.

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