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Towards safe and effective pharmacological care of people with dementia


This research program aims to optimise the prescribing of medications in people with dementia. 


Dr Edwin Tan.

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Sydney Pharmacy School

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People with dementia often have multimorbidity and complex care needs. Compared with those who are cognitively intact, those with dementia may receive substandard pharmacological treatment for various conditions. In addition, dementia may further complicate treatment response and appropriate choice of therapy. The proposed research aims to address the unmet medication needs of people with dementia. Examples of research questions include:

  1. Why are there prescribing disparities in people with dementia?
  2. How do people with dementia respond to pharmacological treatment?
  3. What pharmacological strategies can delay or reduce risk of admission to aged care services and health service utilisation in people with dementia?
  4. How can we translate these findings into policy and practice to optimise health outcomes in people living with dementia?

Additional information

  • The proposed research program will involve epidemiological analyses
  • Other research topics in pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacy practice research may be explored
  • Scholarship(s) will be available for outstanding candidates

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