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Health burden of chronic diseases


This research project aims to model the health burden of chronic diseases and their comorbid conditions using Markov models, Bayesian statistics and Complex network.


Dr Shahadat Uddin.

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In addition to a large number of death toll, chronic diseases and their associated comorbid conditions have been causing enormous health expenses worldwide. This research project aims at developing models to estimate the health burden resulting from chronic diseases and their comorbid conditions. For this purpose, this research project will use Markov models, Bayesian statistics, and methods and measures from Complex networks.

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• Use of research technique / methodology / technology      Markov model, Bayesian statistics and Complex network • Potential topics of interest for the research opportunity • Current PHD and/or Masters topics • Eligibility criteria / candidate profile     Need to have a good background in data analytics and computer programming • Scholarship(s) / funding available

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