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Dental robotics


Robotic dental surgery offers significant clinical advantages, but has not yet been developed. We are exploring development of dental robotics in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering Centre for Robotics (CRIS) and Australian Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR).
There is rich opportunity for PhD training in robotics, in this project


Professor Hans Zoellner.

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Sydney Dental School

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Some specific projects related to this are:
• Development of automated oral scanning, that integrates radiographic, visual and mechanical probing data, to chart the location of hard and soft tissues in the mouth of an artificial head, as the key step in dental robotics.
• Development of practical methods for isolation and precise localization of sites for robotic procedures in the mouth
• Development of reliable control mechanisms for intra-tooth surgery
• Development of situational awareness systems suitable for robotic dentistry

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This broad project area entails a very wide scope of separate discrete projects, any one of which could be pursued as a PhD or Masters. This project group would suitable for students with an interest or background in Engineering and robotics, but clinicians or other applicants with separate backgrounds are encourage to consider joining the team as well. Students interested in joining the team, would meet with Professor Zoellner and the Engineering team, to discuss their personal interests and proclivities, and select whichever aspect of the work is most suitable and of greatest interest for the individual student.

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