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Our team has spent several years developing and testing new a new class of drugs termed bone-binding antimicrobials (BBAs). Our lead compound (BBA-1) has been shown to have antimicrobial activity as well as bone-binding activity. Moreover, it has been shown to have pro-osteogenic activity when exposed to cultured osteoblasts. This drug is extremely promising for a range of applications.

This project will involve using established preclinical models of bone infection as well as developing new models. These will allow the testing of BBA-1 safety and efficacy profile. This work will transition into clinical trials for patients at high risk of bone infection in orthopaedics and oncology.
There is also potential for the student to design and/or test new BBAs with the potential for greater efficacy.

We are seeking a motivated student, preferably one with a strong background in biomedical science or biomedical engineering. This project is ideal as a PhD project. A strong candidate will be able to work as part of a multidisciplinary research team and have strong written/oral communication skills. The capacity to attract an independent scholarship (first class honours, prior publications) will be looked upon extremely favourably.


Associate Professor Aaron Schindeler, Professor David Little.

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Westmead - Kids Research Institute

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For more information contact A/Prof Aaron Schindeler at or +61 2 98451451.

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