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Cardiovascular diseases in old and frail people


We welcome PhD and Master Students to contribute to some of our ongoing projects or to develop their own proposals, within the theme of geriatric cardiology and cardiovascular pharmacology.


Dr Tu Nguyen.

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Westmead Applied Research Centre (WARC)

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Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is one of the most common chronic health conditions in older people. Ageing is associated with many physiological changes that can alter drug responses, especially in the frail. However, evidence-based practice for frail older patient is difficult because they are often excluded from clinical trials, and current guidelines of clinical practice usually do not provide specific recommendations for those who are frail or older than 75. Research in the field of geriatric cardiology can provide evidence and approaches tailored to address the needs of older patients with cardiovascular diseases.
We invite PhD/Master Students to examine research topics in the field of geriatric cardiology, including but not limited to:
- The prevalence and impact on health outcomes of common geriatric conditions such as frailty, sarcopenia, multimorbidity, polypharmacy, disability in activities of daily living and social vulnerability in older patients with CVD
- The impact of frailty on use of secondary prevention medications and on adverse outcomes in older people with CVD
- Cardiovascular pharmacology in old and frail people
- The treatment of hypertension in old and frail people
- Evidence of CVD primary prevention drugs in old and frail people
- The application of digital health technologies in prevention and management of chronic diseases in old and frail people.

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