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Development and evaluation of an international, interdisciplinary e-Learning program to support health professionals to translate best evidence care for people with osteoarthritis into practice


This opportunity involves a project to develop and evaluate an e-Learning program to support healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills to provide best-evidence care for people with osteoarthritis. This project will have international reach and impacts.


Dr Jillian Eyles, Professor David Hunter.

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North Shore - Kolling Institute of Medical Research

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This exciting opportunity has the potential to address three main aims of the project:
1. Evaluate the acceptability and feasibility of an interdisciplinary e-Learning program for healthcare professionals;
2. Assess the efficacy of an e-Learning program for healthcare professionals in terms of changes in attitudes, knowledge, confidence, clinical behaviours, patient outcomes and learning analytics;
3. Evaluate the implementation (reach, uptake, adoption, fidelity, cost, sustainability) of an interdisciplinary e-Learning program for healthcare professionals.
Planned impacts of this project:
Widespread uptake of the e-Learning program nationally & internationally;
Implementation of the e-Learning program in low- and middle-income countries at no/low cost;
Improved management of people with OA by healthcare professionals;
Improved outcomes including pain, function & quality of life for people with OA.
Note: There will be opportunity for a suitable candidate to access some funding for this project

Additional information

This project leverages work with the Joint Effort Initiative, a consortium of international clinical investigators and consumers who aim to improve the implementation of programs that deliver best evidence OA care (known as OA management programs). This PhD opportunity will involve working closely with leading international researchers through the Joint Effort Initiative.

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