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Exploring the relationship between learning, creativity and the transformative role of the arts in education, health and wellbeing. Our researchers come from Education, Performance Studies, Medicine and Health, Literature, and the Visual Arts.

We acknowledge the central, intrinsic role creative pedagogy and the arts can and should play in the lives, learning and formal education of all people.
The CREATE Centre is a vibrant hub of innovation in research making creativity and arts education a critical part of the education of all Australians at every age and stage of education.


Professor Robyn Ewing, Professor Michael Anderson, Dr Jon Callow, Professor Valerie Harwood, Dr Remy Low, Dr Amanda Niland.

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Sydney School of Education and Social Work

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We foster innovative, arts-informed and creative research methods, integrated with more traditional methods across the University. We are developing multidisciplinary research that engages experts throughout the University’s faculties and schools to enable the pursuit of new pedagogical and methodological directions in research, and to build:

  • new knowledge in the arts, education and creativity
  • new possibilities for professional practice for the education sector and beyond
  • deeper partnerships with schools, arts organisations and other stakeholders
  • continued focus on collecting evidence and representing research findings through various art forms (including narrative, drama, song, artworks, film and dance) to reach a wide audience inside and beyond the academy and thus create a significant impact on the community and society more generally.

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