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High Efficient Switching Power Supplies Design for High-Brightness LEDs lighting


This project will involve analysis, design, simulation and practical implementation of the proposed power converters.


Associate Professor Dylan Lu.

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Electrical and Information Engineering

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Power supply is an enabling device for all electronic and electrical equipments. For AC/DC power conversion, power factor correction (PFC) is an important technique for the commercial power supply, which draws power from the AC mains, to comply with international regulations, to save energy, and to minimize interference to adjacent equipments being connected. Nowadays design of power supplies involves an extra stage of power electronics circuit to implement PFC function. In order to lower the size and cost of power supply while achieving PFC in AC/DC power supplies, this project studies the possible configurations of AC/DC power supply circuits which combine the PFC and DC regulator stages into one power stage circuit to achieve higher conversion efficiency (90%+). The power supply will be used for LED lighting, an emerging technology to replace conventional incandescent bulbs for energy saving and global warming.

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