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Legal recognition of customary law communities in Indonesia: Implications for land access and livelihoods


Since democratization in Indonesia since 1999, there has been growing legal recognition of customary law (adat) communities and customary claims over land. This recognition has potentially serious implications for land access by communities, particularly in relation to their ability to sustain livelihoods across rural Indonesia. Yet, this connection between legal recognition of customary rights and community livelihoods remains poorly understood. An opportunity exists to address this research gap through a study of customary tenure and livelihoods in selected Indonesian case sites.


Associate Professor Jeffrey Neilson.

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School of Geosciences


This project would examine how processes of agrarian change intersect with customary land recognition, livelihood resilience and development in Indonesia. 

Additional information

This project is open to applicants to the Doctor of Philosophy and the Master of Philosophy.

Research will be undertaken at the University of Sydney Camperdown campus and Indonesia.

Professor Simon Butt will be an additional supervisor on this project.

Students interested in working on this project can apply for an RTP scholarship to support their studies.

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