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Automated 3-Dimensional Biomedical Registration for Whole-body Images from Combined PET/CT Scanners - Automatic Registration for 3D Whole-body Images from Combined PET/CT Scanners


More complete utilization of complementary information from modern multi-sensor medical imaging systems to facilitate a better clinical decision making.


Professor David Feng, Dr Xiu Ying Wang.

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Computer Science

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 Image registration is vital to maximize the data available from multiple sensors, cameras and imaging modalities which can provide complementary information. The combined PET/CT system, which provides hardware registration between functional information from PET and anatomical structure from CT, has been widely accepted in clinical practice. However, misregistration of PET/CT volumes may be introduced due to patient’s motions, disease progression, or treatment intervention. Our aim is to develop novel hierarchical technique and the first near real-time method to register 3D biomedical images efficiently and accurately. Our techniques will facilitate early diagnosis and help treatment planning by the depiction of very large imaging datasets in 3D space and contribute to improved patient care. The outcomes of this research could be extended to protein image registration and used in remote sensing and multimedia areas.

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