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Julie Rrap has been a major figure in Australian contemporary art for over 25 years. Since the mid-1970s, she has worked with photography, painting, sculpture, performance and video in an ongoing project concerned with representations of the body/her body.


Associate Professor Julie Rrap.

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Sydney College of the Arts


Research interests

A central focus in Rrap's research has been the human body and its representations, with a particular emphasis on the female body within western art history. Over a more than 40-year period this interest has been explored through a variety of media that challenge the conventions of content and of form. Photography has been a particular focus because as a medium it bridges fine art and popular imagery, allowing the artwork to dialogue with broader concerns about the body. The use of digital techniques has allowed the exploration of the surrealism of the image in a world gone surreal with medical interventions on the body. Rrap’s image “Overstepping” 2001 directly references such potential interventions.

Rrap has utilised numerous media, including sculpture, painting, drawing and video, often combined as installations. A pivotal work, Body Double (2007), combined silicon body casts, projected video, sound and interactive elements and created an immersive environment for the viewer. The audience has always played a central role in Rrap's investigations of the body, allowing "their" bodies to become entangled in these representational questionings.

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