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Microwave photonic solutions for modern radar/antenna systems


This project aims to realize arbitrary, high-resolution photonic signal processors, which exhibit low-noise operation. Specially, we investigate new concepts for generating a large number of different wavelengths at precise frequencies, and new topologies to solve the inherently difficult problem of suppressing the dominant noise source. The outcome is a new microwave photonic signal processor that has wideband adaptive in-built signal conditioning to address different interferers actively within optical fibre.


Associate Professor Xiaoke Yi.

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Electrical and Information Engineering

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With new optical devices and photonic techniques have been developed to overcome the limited functions for electronic analog and digital circuits implemented in the radar/antenna systems, microwave photonics has expanded to address a considerable number of applications including high-performance analog microwave photonic fibre links for modern radar/antenna systems.  We target the design of new microwave photonic signal processor used in modern radar/antenna systems for interlinking the antenna signals and suppressing interferences picked up by the antenna while transmitting the wanted RF signal with low noise.

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