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Spline finite strip analysis of perforated structural members


A joint research program between the University of Trento and the University of Sydney aims to develop a suite of analysis programs based on an isoparametric spline finite strip formulation to determine the linear in-plane and out-of-plane stress distribution, the buckling stress, and the nonlinear buckling response of assemblies of plates with perforations. The analyses will be compared with conventional finite element results and experimental tests.


Professor Kim Rasmussen.

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Civil Engineering

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Many structures feature members with perforations. Typically, service requirements demand access through holes in webs or holes are punched to allow easy connection of other members, such as uprights of steel storage racks which feature a regular pattern of closely spaced holes to provide flexibility in selecting the height and spacing of pallet beams. Perforations introduce discontinuities in the cross-section and, consequently, a redistribution of the membrane stresses within the element. The stress distribution around holes is complex and depends on the shape, size and location of the hole.Because of the complex stress distributions charactering members with perforations, design of such members often resorts to experimental testing. It is anticipated that the nonlinear analysis tools will be sufficiently accurate and adaptable to offer a reliable alternative to experimental tests.

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