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Structural Steel Hollow Section Connections


This project has been performed in conjunction with Smorgon Steel Tube Mills over a number of years and carried out predominately by undergraduate thesis students. The aim has been to compare hollow section connection behaviour with current Australian design practice, and where possible devise new formulations.


Associate Professor Tim Wilkinson.

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Civil Engineering

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The shape of hollow sections with the ability to only access one side of the section easily make the design of connections more complex than that of traditional I-shaped sections. In addition, design recommendations for some hollow section connections have been based on models for I-shaped sections when it is difficult to determine if the same design methodology can be extrapolated to hollow sections.Some of the publications related to this research include:

*Wilkinson T., Daniels A, Wilton M, Wood (2005), “Uplift Tests On Column Base Plate Connections”, Advances in Steel Structures, Proceedings, 4th International Conference on Advances in Steel Structures, Shanghai, December 2005, (Elsevier, publ.).

*Wilkinson T., Petrovski T., Bechara E., and Rubal M., (2002), “Experimental Investigation of Slot Lengths in RHS Bracing Members”, Advances in Steel Structures, Proceedings, 3rd International Conference on Advances in Steel Structures, Hong Kong, December 2002, (Elsevier, publ.), (Chan, Teng and Chung eds.), pp 205 - 212.

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