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Indonesian Studies


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Dr Dwi Noverini Djenar, Professor Michele Ford, Professor Adrian Vickers.

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Indonesian Studies, School of Languages and Cultures (SLC)

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The Discipline of Indonesian Studies evolved from the former department of Indonesian and Malayan Studies, which was the earliest Australian university department to specialise in the study of Indonesian languages and societies. The discipline emphasises the importance of providing a rounded education in Indonesian Studies, producing graduates who have both language skills and significant country knowledge. Academic staff have expertise in areas such as Indonesian history, politics, literary and cultural studiesĀ  and social change (labour movements, civil society organizations, and social activism) and literary and cultural studies.

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Current ARC projects in the Discipline include:

  • The Re-emergence of Political Labour in Indonesia (Michele Ford)
  • Trade Unionism and Trade Union Aid in Indonesia, Malaysia and Timor Leste (Michele Ford)
  • Scaling Global Labour: The Global Union Federations in Indonesia and India (Michele Ford)
  • Industrial Relations in Myanmar (Michele Ford)
  • The clothing industry in the Asia Pacific: Managing Constant Change (Adrian Vickers)
  • Indonesian labour migration to north Australia, 1880-1972 (Adrian Vickers)
  • A History of Balinese painting (Adrian Vickers)
  • Comparative Border Studies (Michele Ford and Lenore Lyons)

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