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The department of Philosophy offers Australia’s most comprehensive teaching and research program in Philosophy.


Dr Brian Hedden, Professor Peter Anstey, Professor Rick Benitez , Professor Stephen Gaukroger, Professor Paul Griffiths, Associate Professor John Grumley, Professor Duncan Ivison, Associate Professor Alex Lefebvre, Dr Dalia Nassar, Dr Sam Shpall, Professor Nick Smith, Dr Hannah Tierney, Associate Professor Anik Waldow, Dr Caroline West.

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Department of Philosophy, School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry (SOPHI)

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The department is internationally recognised for research in the history of philosophy, German philosophy, naturalism and contemporary metaphysics, decision theory, philosophy of science (especially causation and time), philosophy of mind and moral, social and political philosophy, philosophy of ecology, biology and the environment. Recently, the department's postgraduate program was ranked in the top 40 philosophy graduate programs in the English-speaking world and in the top 2 in Australasia.

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