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Asian Studies


Professor Yang is interested in issues of religion, secularization, and the state in modernity, especially in the tensions and traumas accompanying the break with traditional orders under colonial and post-colonial conditions. Her areas of research and teaching are: critical theory; gender and feminism; media studies; sovereignty and state power; and cultural approaches to political economy.The University has developed considerable resources in teaching and research in the languages, cultures, history and societies of Asia to better respond to the country's need for more graduates trained in Asian languages and studies. With closer economic, cultural and social ties, the study of Asia has become vital to Australia's future .


Professor Adrian Vickers.

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Asian Studies, School of Languages and Cultures (SLC)

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The Asian Studies program draws on the expertise of staff of the School of Languages and Cultures in Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, and Korean Studies. The program’s geographical scope embraces some of the countries that are of the greatest economic, demographic, military and strategic importance in today’s world.  It also covers a number of civilizations (Hindu, Buddhist, Confucian, Islamic) that are among the planet's oldest and/or most influential (as well as, obviously, some localized traditions). Across the regions and cultures, staff areas of specialisation are especiallay diverse: Mass media, Religion, Ancient thought and philosophy, Politics, State and society, Literature, History etc. Overall, research in the Department of Asian Studies is particularly strong in the multidisciplinary study of modern and contemporary Asian societies, political and cultural developments. However, traditional cultures and philosophies, religion, and pre modern history constitute another very important focus of the program.

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