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Gender and Cultural Studies


The Gender and Cultural Studies Department at the University of Sydney is the leading centre for research into gender and culture in Australia, renowned internationally for interdisciplinary research and teaching in feminist, gender and cultural studies.   


Dr Jane Park, Dr Fiona Allon, Dr Ruth Barcan, Dr Jennifer Germon, Dr Liam Grealy, Professor Tess Lea, Associate Professor Natalya Lusty, Professor Meaghan Morris, Professor Elspeth Probyn, Associate Professor Kane Race, Dr Guy Redden, Dr Anthea Taylor, Associate Professor Lee Wallace.

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Gender and Cultural Studies, School of Humanities (SOH)

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With some of Australia's foremost academics and theorists on staff, the Department of Gender and Cultural Studies provides you with critically engaging ideas and the tools to analyse a wide range of issues. The Department's academics draw on a number of theoretical and empirical research paradigms, spanning social science and humanities research methods. In the discipline of Gender and Cultural Studies, students engage critically with the changing representations and meanings of gender and culture in the everyday world.  The department is renowned globally for its interdisciplinary research and teaching in feminist, gender and cultural studies, and has on its staff some of Australia’s foremost theorists in gender and culture. The department has a vibrant research culture where students are actively involved in research seminars and are frequently offered the chance to contribute to teaching and collaborative research projects.  The program profoundly enriches study and work in the humanities and social sciences as well as law, the physical sciences, government and education.

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