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Classics and Ancient History


The University of Sydney has a proud tradition of classics and Ancient History dating back to the earliest years of the University. Postgraduate students explore the Greek and Roman roots of Western civilisation and obtain a better understanding of our contemporary world.


Dr Julia Kindt, Professor Rick Benitez , Dr Eleanor Cowan, Dr Robert Cowan, Professor Eric Csapo, Associate Professor Richard Miles, Dr Paul Roche, Dr Anne Rogerson, Professor Peter Wilson.

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Department of Classics and Ancient History, School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry (SOPHI)

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Academic staff have a diversity of research interests including Greek cultural history; Greek rhetoric and law; Greek tragedy and society; Greek democracy; Greek religion; Roman imperial history; the Roman Republic; Latin literature of the Republican and Imperial periods; magic; the Classical tradition. Classics and Ancient History develops language and analytical skills that are applicable in a wide range of employment contexts, from law to journalism.

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