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International Law


Sydney Law School prides itself on its international focus. It is one of the few Law Schools in the country where students must complete at least one unit in International Law. The scholarship of the Faculty extends across the entire range of international law specialities including human rights, migration law, and private international law.


Professor David Kinley, Professor Vivienne Bath, Professor Roger Magnusson, Associate Professor Jacqui Mowbray, Professor Luke Nottage, Professor Tim Stephens.

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Sydney Law School

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Current focus areas for academics in International Law are: - Human Rights Law - Migration, Citizenship, and Refugee Law- Human Rights & Corporate Responsibility- Private International Law- International Criminal Law- World Trade Organisation- World Bank- International Monetary Fund- Public International Law- Comparative and Transnational Contract Law- International Arbitration and Corporate Governance- Terrorism- Use of Armed Force- The United Nations- International Courts & Tribunals- International Environmental Law- Law of the Sea- International Trade Law

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