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The Sydney Law School’s Taxation program is one of the world’s most respected and established. Since its inception, the Law School’s taxation staff members have acquired the best record in Australia for attracting competitive research grants as well as crafting a curriculum that meets professional requirements at a national and international level. Our degrees are delivered in a variety of formats with tax professionals from Australia’s leading ranks and visiting professors, among the foremost international tax scholars in the world, sharing the teaching load with staff. Whether utilised to expand and enhance existing skills or to confront the challenges of international taxation, this program is equipped to meet a variety of academic and specialist needs. Globalisation has fundamentally changed the international business and investment environment. In response to this change, Sydney's taxation program continues to place a strong focus on international and comparative tax study. Our International Tax program focus on international and comparative taxation, it is designed to equip local and foreign tax professionals for working in the global economy, the degree builds on a candidate's knowledge of his or her own tax system through courses on international and comparative tax. In addition to broad-based comparative tax subjects, the program includes courses on tax treaties, regional tax systems and the tax systems of specific countries (particularly the United States and the United Kingdom).


Professor Graeme Cooper, Professor Patricia Apps, Associate Professor Celeste Black, Professor Richard Vann.

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Sydney Law School

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Current academic research focus in the area of tax include:- Australian International Tax- Comparative Income Tax- Comparative International Tax- Tax Law in Asia and the Pacific Region- Tax Treaties- Goods and Services Tax Principles- Tax Administration- Transfer Pricing- Taxation of Controlled Foreign Companies, Foreign Investment Funds, and Transfer Trusts- Taxation of Business and Investment- Corporate Tax- Tax Incentives- Taxation of Corporate Groups- Tax Treaties- Personal Tax- Taxation of Remuneration- Comparative Value Added Tax

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