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Personalised systems with user control


There is a huge amount of personalisation in existing software, especially in web-based systems. Generally, these give rather poor support for users to control the personalisation, meaning that they may behave in surprising and undesirable ways but people cannot control this. This project aims to overcome this.


Professor Judy Kay.

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Computer Science

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The CHAI research group has created several software tools that support the creation of personalised software systems that can provide user control. The essence of our approach is called scrutability, meaning that the software systems can support the user in scrutinising the personalisation so that they can see the aspects that caused any particular action. This is the basis for user control.  There is much more to be done, especially in taking this approach to a broad range of personalisation technologies and in providing interfaces that can readily show complex processes. This work has particular importance in education because personalised teaching systems and becoming increasingly important and giving learners and their teachers and mentors control over these is valuable.

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