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Novel interaction on tabletop interfaces


Tabletop or surface computing interfaces are an emerging form of pervasive computing. This project creates the software that will provide new ways for people to interact easily in these interfaces.


Professor Judy Kay.

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Computer Science

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The emerging hardware for tabletop, or surface, interaction offers promise of new ways for people to work collaboratively, around a table. This new means of interaction marks a radical departure from conventional interaction because there is no keyboard or mouse. This opens the way for new ways to think about interaction with computer and collaboration in a natural setting. This project builds on the Cruiser software framework, created by Trent Apted in his thesis. Because it provides a powerful and flexible basis, we are able to explore new interaction approaches. For example, one thesis project, by Anthony Collins explores new ways to interact with a file system. Other students projects have created a range of plugins that provide new interfaces. There are many important application areas, notably in education and medicine. Thesis projects in this area can be in the core software areas, creating new plugins for new forms of interaction. Other projects involve user studies to gain insights into the ways that people actually work with these new interfaces.For information on some of the recent work, see:

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