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Professor Ainsley Newson is Professor of Bioethics at Sydney Health Ethics, Sydney School of Public Health. She has degree qualifications in science, law and bioethics and has worked in the field of bioethics for over 25 years. Ainsley’s research focuses on ethical issues in human genetics, genomics and reproduction. She is also interested in methodological aspects of research in bioethics. Professor Newson is happy to view applications from potential PhD or Masters by Research students in these areas, from a theoretical or mixed methods perspective. Please note that prior training in bioethics is required.


Associate Professor Ainsley Newson.

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Camperdown - School of Public Health - Sydney Health Ethics

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Professor Newson's research focuses on the ethical aspects of genetic, genomic and reproductive technologies in human beings; for example the ethics of prenatal screening and testing; newborn screening; population genetic screening and testing; genetic testing in children and those lacking capacity; ethics and genomic data sharing; ethics and human reproduction (e.g. ethics and assisted reproductive technologies, ethics in pregnancy and birth). She has gained substantial research funding and published widely on these topics

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Ainsley has acted as a supervisor in the following PhD projects:

• Reproductive autonomy and prenatal genomic testing

• Epistemic injustice and innate variations of sex characteristicsAinsley has acted as a supervisor in the following PhD projects:

• Autonomy in bioethics

• Ethical and legal aspects of high risk birth choice

• Ethics and direct to consumer gene testing

• Ethics and genetic enhancement in sport

• Ethics and "Reproductive tourism"

• Ethics and decision-making under uncertainty in prenatal testing

• Ethics and linkage in genetic database research

• Ethics and appearance-affecting genetic conditions

Ainsley works in theoretical applied ethics. However, she is open to projects that also include a qualitative or deliberative component, with appropriate co-supervision. Several of the above projects incorporated empirical methodology.

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