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Distributed Coalition Planning and Decision Making


The work involves the use of graph-theoretic and game-theoretic techniques to study how decisions evolve in distributed systems.


Professor Albert Y. Zomaya.

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Computer Science

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Our research in this particular area proceeds along two distinct directions. First, we are interested in one specific aspect of federating resources namely the establishment of coalitions both in a game-theoretic sense and from a generational-learning and service-centric perspective. We view coalitions as being avenues for maximizing a given (often global) objective function subject to (mostly local) constraints. Our work focuses mostly on wireless sensor networks and coalitions of networks subject to functional mobility as opposed to physical mobility. Indeed, in sensor networks populated by fixed sensors, one can define strategies for functional migration very much akin to physical mobility, except that it is not visible to the adversary. In a military environment this translates into low detection probability.

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