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Oral Health in General Practice; an analysis of how the game is played.

Can you think strategically under pressure? What if your choice of action is the difference between the life and death of a patient? What are the issues to be solved and what is the more...

Supervisor(s): Eberhard, Joerg (Professor)

The Perceptual Expertise of Skilled Game Players: What can they see that I can’t

With the ability to store millions of records of decisions people have made and the context in which they were made, we are left the interesting problem that we still do not know wh more...

Supervisor(s): Harre, Michael (Dr)

Traffic Programming - Algorithms for Cooperative Behaviour among Unconnected AVs

Current AV algorithms aim to safely manoeuvre a vehicle through traffic without involving humans. These algorithms do not consider implications on the efficiency of traffic as a who more...

Supervisor(s): Levinson, David (Professor)