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Pain Phenotype Characterisation in Preclinical Models of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common chronic joint disease, affecting 15% of the population and causing a significant socioeconomic burden. It is a debilitating condition characte more...

Supervisor(s): Zaki, Sanaa (Dr)

Development and evaluation of an international, interdisciplinary e-Learning program to support health professionals to translate best evidence care for people with osteoarthritis into practice

This opportunity involves a project to develop and evaluate an e-Learning program to support healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills to provide best-evidence care for more...

Supervisor(s): Eyles, Jillian (Dr), Hunter, David (Professor)

Circulating microRNAs as potential blood biomarker for diabetes in domestic cats

Feline diabetes mellitus is a significant health problem for cats across the globe and treatment of affected cats is a major commitment for owners. Our project will explore links be more...

Supervisor(s): Waud, Bianca (Dr)