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Green Chemistry - Biocatalysis For Production Of High-Value Chemicals

The ultimate aim of biocatalysis research is to replace the petrochemical industry with clean and green microbial reactions using renewable and non-toxic feedstocks. But how exactly more...

Supervisor(s): Coleman, Nicholas (Associate Professor), Rutledge, Peter (Professor)

Ethylene-oxidising bacteria as novel tools for agriculture

The 'fast-growing' species of mycobacteria are common in many environments and known to be important for the biodegradation of pollutants, but the biology of this fascinating group more...

Supervisor(s): Coleman, Nicholas (Associate Professor)

Creating new synthetic biology tools for genome engineering in bacteria

The new discipline of synthetic biology (SynBio) promises to transform every aspect of our lives, from medicines to agriculture to industry. The vision of SynBio is that organisms c more...

Supervisor(s): Coleman, Nicholas (Associate Professor)