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Transformersomes: shape-shifting polymer nanostructures

Synthetic polymers can self-assemble into an impressive spectrum of well-defined nanoscale architectures that behave in intriguing ways, from catalysing chemical reactions to intera more...

Supervisor(s): Roberts, Derrick (Dr)

Synthetic biology: catalysis inside protein cages

Visit our group website for the latest information - laugroup.netNature is a master of self-assembly, constructing functional nanoscale architectures from simple protein building bl more...

Supervisor(s): Lau, Yu Heng (Dr)

Ionic Molecular Hybrid Liquids

An opportunity is available for a PhD scholar to undertake research studies into the structure and properties of nano structured ionic-molecular hybrid liquids. The aim of the resea more...

Supervisor(s): Warr, Gregory (Professor)