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Targeting Rab7 and TBC1D15 to overcome mitochondrial dysfunction in neurological diseases

Pharmacological manipulation of contacts between mitochondria and LE/Lys could provide opportunities to improve PD, CMT2B and NPC disease. Virtual screening of compound libraries wi more...

Supervisor(s): Grewal , Thomas (Associate Professor), Groundwater, Paul (Professor), Hibbs, David (Dai) (Professor)

3D versus 2D visualisation in laparoscopic surgery – is their a clinically significant difference?

The benefits of using a 3D visualisation camera system while performing laparoscopic surgery will be assessed using an objective scoring tool of operative skills. The aim of th more...

Supervisor(s): Hugh, Thomas J (Professor)

Multimodal preoperative interventions to improve surgical and patient reported outcomes following major gastrointestinal cancer surgery

This research program will use a wide range of methodological approaches to determine the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of multimodal preoperative interventions on surgical a more...

Supervisor(s): Steffens, Daniel (Dr), Solomon, Michael (Professor)