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Design of Novel Channel Coding Techniques for Short Packet Transmission in Massive Internet of Things

In this project, the channel code design problem for massive Internet of Things (IoT) is considered by taking into account the unique characteristic of massive IoT, i.e., short leng more...

Supervisor(s): Shirvanimoghaddam, Mahyar (Dr), Li, Yonghui (Professor), Vucetic, Branka (Professor)

Emergence of universal coding in evolutionary dynamics

The research will involve theoretical work in information theory as well as computer simulations. It will investigate complex systems approaches to one of the most fundamental probl more...

Supervisor(s): Prokopenko , Mikhail (Professor)

Channel Code Design in Short Block Length Regime: Capacity Analysis and Code Design

Ultra-reliable and low latency communications is central to the development of next generation's mobile communications and many emerging mission critical applications. The project w more...

Supervisor(s): Shirvanimoghaddam, Mahyar (Dr), Li, Yonghui (Professor), Vucetic, Branka (Professor)

Non-orthogonal multiple access for massive Internet of Things

Non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) has been identified as a key technology in the fifth generation of mobile wireless standards to improve the network capacity. This project aims more...

Supervisor(s): Shirvanimoghaddam, Mahyar (Dr), Vucetic, Branka (Professor)

Development of novel hand-held devices based on Zigbee or WiFi signals to see through walls

In this project, we aim to develop a low cost X-ray vision wireless hand-held device. The developed hand-held device can be used to see through walls to track moving human bodies. T more...

Supervisor(s): Lin, Zihuai (Dr)

Simulating Transport for Realistic Engineering Education and Training

Understanding and predicting travel demand and travel patterns is one of the most important
but also most challenging tasks of transport
engineers, planners, and geographers. Tr more...

Supervisor(s): Levinson, David (Professor), Ramezani Ghalenoei, Mohsen (Dr)