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Evolutionary impacts of Tasmanian devil population restoration

Tasmanian devils are in decline due to devil facial tumour disease (DFTD), so the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program has been using translocations to help restore wild populations and more...

Supervisor(s): Grueber, Catherine (Dr)

Unlocking the neural interface with synthetic synapses

Neuromorphic nanowire synthetic synapses will be integrated into a microelectrode array device to interface with retinal neuronal tissue to demonstrate proof-of-concept of vision re more...

Supervisor(s): Kuncic, Zdenka (Professor)

Develop point-of-care microfluidic technologies for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

We are developing a clinically useful, rapid and high throughput profiling microdevices for thrombosis and coagulation. It will be extremely useful for patients with diabetes, obesi more...

Supervisor(s): Ju, Lining (Arnold) (Dr)