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Characterizing Transport Networks

In an increasingly urbanized world, people remain connected by a complex nexus of roads, rails, paths, and sidewalks that form urban transportation systems and shape travel demand. more...

Supervisor(s): Levinson, David (Professor)

Reconstruct trans-regulatory networks using multi-omics profiling and data integration

A major initiative in our group is to integrate trans-omics datasets generated by a state‐of‐the‐art mass spectrometer (MS) and next-generation sequencer (NGS) from various ce more...

Supervisor(s): Yang, Pengyi (Dr)

Health burden of chronic diseases

This research project aims to model the health burden of chronic diseases and their comorbid conditions using Markov models, Bayesian statistics and Complex network. more...

Supervisor(s): Uddin, Shahadat (Dr)

Guided Self-Organisation and Swarm Engineering

Funding is available for applicants interested in carrying out fundamental and applied research in the field of complex systems. The research will involve theoretical work as well a more...

Supervisor(s): Prokopenko , Mikhail (Professor)

Simulating Transport for Realistic Engineering Education and Training

Understanding and predicting travel demand and travel patterns is one of the most important
but also most challenging tasks of transport
engineers, planners, and geographers. Tr more...

Supervisor(s): Levinson, David (Professor), Ramezani Ghalenoei, Mohsen (Dr)

Fighting the spread of misinformation

The development of a quantitative measure of the spread of misinformation, for the purposes of developing a strategy to counter science denial. more...

Supervisor(s): Alexander , Tristram (Dr), Fulcher, Ben (Dr), Sharma, Manjula (Professor)

Integrated framework for assessing disaster resilient of infrastructures by optimising strengthening techniques

This research will develop a resilience based design (RBD) methodology for infrastreucture by optimising retrofit options with post disaster functionality after static, flood and ea more...

Supervisor(s): Hadigheh, Ali (Dr)