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Modulating coronary atherosclerosis through perivascular fat (PVAT)

Background: Organ-to-organ communications are vital for living systems and play critical roles in cellular homeostasis. Various studies have demonstrated the existence and significa more...

Supervisor(s): Misra, Ashish (Dr)

Water and mineral resources of Proterozoic rift-basins in Australia

This project addresses the fundamental tectonic and thermal processes involved in the development of basins' resources from water to mineral. It focusses on tectonic and thermal inh more...

Supervisor(s): Rey, Patrice (Associate Professor), Salles, Tristan (Dr)

Targeting Rab7 and TBC1D15 to overcome mitochondrial dysfunction in neurological diseases

Pharmacological manipulation of contacts between mitochondria and LE/Lys could provide opportunities to improve PD, CMT2B and NPC disease. Virtual screening of compound libraries wi more...

Supervisor(s): Grewal , Thomas (Associate Professor), Groundwater, Paul (Professor), Hibbs, David (Dai) (Professor)