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Multivariate brain activity patterns underlying consciousness

Clinical assessment of consciousness is one of the most significant issues in brain injury and general anaesthesia, yet it remains challenging for medical practitioners. Terrifyingl more...

Supervisor(s): Fulcher, Ben (Dr)

Develop point-of-care microfluidic technologies for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

We are developing a clinically useful, rapid and high throughput profiling microdevices for thrombosis and coagulation. It will be extremely useful for patients with diabetes, obesi more...

Supervisor(s): Ju, Lining (Arnold) (Dr)

Plasma surface modification for applications in microfluidic diagnostic systems and implantable cardiovascular devices

You will develop novel hemocompatible, bioactive surfaces in microfluidic models for cardiovascular applications. The project is part of an existing collaboration between medic more...

Supervisor(s): Bilek, Marcela (Professor)