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Fluorescent Tools for Super-resolution Imaging

This PhD project will involve the synthesis and characterization of innovative fluorescent sensors for specific amyloid proteins implicated in neurodegenerative disorders. The devel more...

Supervisor(s): Kaur, Amandeep (Dr), Sunde, Margaret (Associate Professor)

Targeting Rab7 and TBC1D15 to overcome mitochondrial dysfunction in neurological diseases

Pharmacological manipulation of contacts between mitochondria and LE/Lys could provide opportunities to improve PD, CMT2B and NPC disease. Virtual screening of compound libraries wi more...

Supervisor(s): Grewal , Thomas (Associate Professor), Groundwater, Paul (Professor), Hibbs, David (Dai) (Professor)

Define regulatory control pathways delivering NPF (nitrate) and AMT (ammonium) transport activities across root types and cell profiles

We have previously identified the tissue expression patterns of ZmNPF6;6 and ZmNPF6;4 in maize root tips (Wen, Z., et al., The Plant Cell, 2017) and used qPCR as well as custom arra more...

Supervisor(s): Kaiser, Brent (Professor)