Combating Obesity in Pharmacy (COP) Study


This study aims to explore possibilities to initiate an accredited training program for weight management in pharmacy.


Dr Betty Chaar

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Sydney Pharmacy School

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Weight management is a growing problem in society, and due to enhanced public awareness and increased consumer uptake of the many programs available, it is important to ensure these programs serve consumers’ best interests. Pharmacies around Australia carry many variations of programs and products, but there appears to be little evidence to support efficacy or successful achievement of weight management of any program in particular. Although responsible for patients’ best interests, pharmacists are not specifically trained in their undergraduate curriculum to deliver weight management programs.

Additional Information

As pharmacists are also involved in retail aspects of healthcare, there may be an additional perception of conflict of interest when the program a pharmacist chooses to adopt in his or her pharmacy is endorsed by a pharmaceutical company, with the intention of increasing sales of a particular product. There needs to be a balanced, ethical approach to weight management programs in pharmacy.

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Obesity, weight management, pharmacist, training program, ethics, conflict of interest

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