Early intervention for lymphoedema


We will investigate whether early intervention halts progression of lymphoedema.


Professor Sharon Kilbreath

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Clinical and Rehabilitation Sciences Research Group

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Treatment for early arm swelling (ie lymphoedema) secondary to treatment for breast cancer has largely been ignored, due, in part, to the inability to directly measure and quantify its onset. Treatment, however, administered at this early stage may halt its progression and significantly reduce the long-term severity. We are now able to measure early lymphoedema so it is timely to investigate whether early intervention for lymphoedema will reduce the symptoms and prevent progression to severe lymphoedema. Types of interventions which are to be investigated include massage, compession and exercise. It will be important to determine short and long term effects of interventions.

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Lymphoedema, arm swelling, Breast Cancer, Cancer, Physiotherapy, chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Oncology, exercise, massage, compression, women, carcinoma, Cancer & leukaemia, Counselling & patient support, Human body, Professional practice

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