The Cochrane Renal Group:systematic reviews of interventions and diagnostic test accuracy in Nephrology


There are a range of opportunities to undertake higher degrees looking at methodology of randomised trials, diagnostic test accuracy studies and systematic reviews. Several projects are being undertaken to investigate bias and reporting standards, analytic methods and coverage of contemporary biomedical research. Some projects draw on links with the Cochrane Renal Group and the broader Cochrane Collaboration.


Dr Angela Webster

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Westmead - Childrens Hospital at Westmead Clinical School

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Evidence based medical practice requires methodologically robust clinical research to inform clinical decision making. Examining and exposing bias in research in a systematic way can help improve design of future studies, and so improve the evidence base for clinical decision making. Cochrane reviews are the gold standard for systematic reviews of interventions, which are clinically focused and address at patient-centred outcomes. In 2009, the Cochrane Collaboration sought to extend its activities to include a register of studies of diagnostic test accuracy, and the production of diagnostic test accuracy systematic reviews. The Cochrane Renal Group (CRG) is based in NSW, and is responsible for systematic reviews of interventions and diagnostic test accuracy in Nephrology and aims to provide health consumers, health professionals, health funders and the health industry throughout the world with summaries of the best available evidence of interventions and diagnostic test performance in diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract. The CRG's area of responsibility includes all areas of kidney disease for adults and for children including: acute kidney injury, chronic kidney disease (pre-dialysis), end-stage kidney disease (general management, haemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis), glomerular diseases (including diabetic kidney disease), kidney transplantation, urinary tract infection, and urology (including kidney stones). The CRG maintains a specialised register of randomised controlled trials of interventions and a specialised register of diagnostic test accuracy studies in kidney disease. These registers provide a unique resource for investigating bias in clinical research.

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Kidney disease, transplantation, systematic reviews, epidemiology, diagnostic tests, bias, biostatistics

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