Modelling Parkinson's disease using control models


This project aims at developing control models of posture, balance and gait in humans. The models will be used to produce objective measures of movement disorders in patients suffering from Parkinson's disease. 


Professor Philip Leong, Associate Professor Craig Jin, Professor Alistair McEwan

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Electrical and Information Engineering

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This project will involve developing miniature wireless telemetry systems to record movement, together with control models of posture, balance and gait. Together, they will allow us to better model changes in motor skills of patients with Parkinson's Disease (PD). Through this work, we hope to better understand the mechanisms behind movement disorders associated with PD, develop objective measures to quantify them, and ultimately produce devices which can monitor patients continuously and provide diagnostic information to facilitate drug dosage calculations. This work will be in collaboration with Dr Victor Fung, Director of the Movement Disorders Unit at Westmead Hospital.

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Movement disorders, biomedical engineering, control

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