New technique for studying human brain activity


This project investigates stimulus reconstruction from surface EEG neural activity. Improvements to surface EEG recordings may proceed with the development of skull impedance modelling using impedance tomography and magnetic resonance imaging technology. We propose to investigate the influence of behaviour on stimulus reconstruction from EEG neural activity in primary auditory cortex.


Associate Professor Craig Jin, Professor Philip Leong, Professor Alistair McEwan

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Electrical and Information Engineering

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This leading research project explores improvements to surface EEG imaging using impedance tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. Stimulus reconstructions from neural EEG activity provide a means to investigate primary auditory cortex.

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Successful candidates likely have a background in electrical engineering, computational neuroscience, or biomedical engineering.

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computational neuroscience, Brain imaging, EEGs, auditory neuroscience, stimulus reconstruction from neural activity, biomedical engineering, impedance tomography.

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