Epidemiological Modelling: Prevalence and Trends


Cancer Epidemiology Research Unit investigates the causes, management, outcomes and impact of the leading and emerging cancers.  Our ultimate goal is to substantially contribute to a reduction in the burden imposed by cancer. We provide comprehensive, evidence based answers to the current and future needs of local and international cancer control programs.
Recent studies suggest Australia and other developed countries will face an acute shortage of medical oncologists and other cancer specialists to care for cancer patients if action is not taken now. To be able to act, we need accurate estimates of the future cancer burden, in particular, the numbers of people who will be diagnosed and living with cancer and requiring different health care services.  In this program of work, we will develop statistical models to obtain estimates of the future prevalence of four major cancers (colon and rectum, lung, breast and prostate) in New South Wales for each phase of clinical care. The methods developed in this study will be able to answer two questions: (i) for each cancer, how many patients will need medical attention in the near future; and (ii) what types of services they will need.


Dr Xue Qin Yu

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City - Cancer Council NSW

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Dr Yu's five year goals are:

  • Obtain competitive grants to undertake new areas of research into the future burden of cancer care and health services required.
  • Establish national and international collaborations with researchers and clinicians to continue to develop this area of research.
  • The results of this research will be used by policy makers to plan future cancer services.
  • The methods developed will be applied by others nationally and internationally.

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For further information about this program please contact Verity Hodgkinson on 9334 1992 or verityh@nswcc.org.au

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Modelling, Cancer, prevalence, trends, Prostate, breast

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