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Chris Jordens is an inter-disciplinary researcher. He has experience and expertise in bioethics, public health research and qualitative social research. Most of his research has been in clinical settings, but it has been methodologically diverse, so he can supervise studies based on philosophical analysis and critique, clinical epidemiology, grounded theory (e.g. for studies into the sociology of health and illness), and discourse analysis. Chris specialises in the analysis of in-depth interviews, but he has also designed and analysed quantitative surveys and projects that involve research participants in creative endeavours such as the production of digital self-portraits.


Associate Professor Christopher Jordens

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Camperdown - School of Public Health - Sydney Health Ethics

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In terms of specific research topics, Chris's interests are very wide. Over the last 10 years, he has helped to secure funding for studies on the following topics:

  • corporate influences on media reporting of health
  • clinical ethics services in NSW
  • ethical and legal issues surrounding umbilical cord blood banking
  • direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription pharmaceuticals
  • scientific and ethical foundations of medicine
  • "saviour siblings"
  • consent to high-risk medical treatments
  • how a diagnosis of cancer influences the transition from adolescence to adulthood
  • the experiences of people diagnosed with different kinds of cancer (e.g. advanced ovarian cancer, multiple myeloma and recurrent lymphoma)

Most of these studies have involved postgraduate research students who are pursuing higher degrees.

Additional Information

The following is a list of theses that Chris has previously agreed to supervise:

  • Deciding about treatment options amongst people with multiple sclerosis
  • Ethics in HIV biomedical prevention research
  • Growing up with cancer
  • A qualitative study of the experience of multiple myeloma
  • A survey and critical review of existing models of service delivery for complementary therapies within Australian haemato-oncology services
  • A critical analysis of the current concept of consent to medical procedures: legal and ethical limitations
  • Creating saviour siblings: Decision-making in the context of ethical and clinical uncertainty
  • Shifting concepts of the duty of care in HIV prevention trials
  • Haematopoietic stem cell transplantation: Evaluation of a patient and carer education programme
  • Ethics at the margins: An empirical study of the experience of doctors and nurses working in women's prisons in NSW, Australia
  • Bedside photographic displays: What clinicians can learn about the patient from the display of patient's personal photographs
  • should influenza vaccination be mandatory for health care workers in BMT and haematology wards in Australia?

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bioethics, public health, medical sociology, Clinical Epidemiology

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