Are you interested in the interaction between advances in biotechnology and society, or the complex relationship between morality, mental health and the law? Do you want to explore issues around euthanasia and end-of life-care, human and animal research ethics, stem cell research and cloning, or doctor-patient relationships?


Professor Ian Kerridge, Associate Professor Christopher Jordens, Dr Julie Mooney-Somers, Associate Professor Ainsley Newson

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Camperdown - School of Public Health - Sydney Health Ethics

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The Sydney Health Ethics (VELiM) is one of Australia's leading bioethics centres - providing opportunities for students to pursue postgraduate research and coursework studies in bioethics - including at Diploma, Masters and Doctoral levels. The Sydney Bioethics Program at VELiM provides a unique, interdisciplinary educational experience that has been bringing together students, researchers and practitioners from health, the humanities and social sciences to study these and other questions since 2006. These qualifications are an excellent way to build a research career.

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