Modelling social network structure, technology use and care coordination


This project uses theories from social networks and information systems to construct a model for understanding how network (structure, position and ties) and social technology use impacts the coordination of care of cancer patients. In particular, the study focuses on how patients’ relational network (consisting of friends, family and medical professionals) and non-relational network (consisting of online discussion forums, web pages providing medical information, Google, and so on) impact their ability to effectively navigate themselves through the Australian healthcare system for cancer care.


Dr Kenneth Chung

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Civil Engineering

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The goal of this study is to understand how cancer patients tap into their relational and non-relation networks (either through social technologies or traditional ones) to effectively navigate themselves through the Australian healthcare system for receiving cancer care. This understanding will help to construct a social network-based model for explaining effective cancer care coordination.

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Collaborators: Prof. Jane Young (Sydney School of Public Health) and Prof. Kate White (Sydney Nursing School)

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social network, cancer care coordination, technology use, healthcare

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