Breast cancer metabolism - cross talk between different cell types within the breast


This project aims to investigate potential interaction the different cell types within the mammary gland.


Dr Andrew Hoy

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Camperdown - School of Medical Sciences - Bosch Institute

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There is growing evidence of a potential role for metabolic processes regulating and/or sustaining cancer cell growth. This is evident as cancer cells are characterised by a dramatic change in their metabolic profile. Metabolic diseases such as obesity and type diabetes are also characterised by changes in metabolic processes but also changes in inter-tissue signals where the profile of cytokines and hormones released from organs that signal to other organs is deleterious in nature.
Along these lines this project will investigate whether similar relationships between different cell types within the breast exist and whether this interaction is altered in breast cancer. The project will involve cell culture (including primary and immortalised lines) and animal models with outputs including assessment of cellular metabolism by a variety of biochemical techniques and identification of novel secretory proteins through mass spectroscopy.

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The lab is located in the Charles Perkins Centre providing the opportunity to perform this project in a state of the art research environment

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Cancer, metabolism, Lipid, Adipose, Breast Cancer, Obesity, Type 2 diabetes, Insulin resistance, skeletal muscle, exercise

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The opportunity ID for this research opportunity is: 1523

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