Cognitive bias in clinical decision making


My background in clinical and cognitive psychology has led me to focus on the factors that influence the important diagnostic and treatment decisions that health professionals make. If a professional is stressed, is she or he more or less likely to make accurate decisions? If you are given the same case with two different residential addresses, how will this influence your ‘objective’ diagnosis?


Associate Professor Steven Cumming

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Disability and Community Research Group

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All health professional make decisions regarding the diagnosis and treatment of their clients.  A number of theoretical models have been developed describing how humans make choices, and these can be applied to diagnostic and treatment decisions. Factors such the professional’s previous decisions with similar cases, the potential financial and personal costs of errors, and the level and type of stress the professional is under, may all impact upon the quality of the decisions that are made. The research opportunity is adaptable to the background and discipline of the student. 

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Cognitive Bias, bias, Diagnosis, decision making

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