45 and Up Study


The 45 and Up Study has collected data from 266,000 participants throughout NSW aged 45 and over. Cancer Council NSW is a principal sponsor of the study.

Led by the 45 and Up Research Fellow, CCNSW uses the data collected in the 45 and Up Study to explore cancer-related issues that will provide insight into health trends and behaviours, and expand our understanding of the local risk factors critical to cancer onset and recovery.

A number of descriptive reports have been published by CCNSW on smoking, screening and migrant status (Int J Screening, BMC Public Health 2009, Drug and Alcohol Review 2010). Smoking and social isolation (Social Science and Medicine 2012).

There are extensive plans for further analyses of initial and follow up data.


Dr Marianne Weber

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City - Cancer Council NSW

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For further information about work on 45 and Up Study at Cancer Council NSW please contact Marianne Weber 45 and Up Research Fellow on mariannew@nswcc.org.au

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Cancer, healthy aging, migrants, screening

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