Combination antibiotics powder aerosols for treatment of respiratory infections


This project aims to develop and characterise novel powder aerosol formulations of the combination antibiotics for treatment of respiratory infections. Respiratory infections are expected to be one of the major priorities for the Australian healthcare system. Among all respiratory infectious diseases, lung infection alone is the sixth leading cause of death in Australia as well as a major cause of hospital-required morbidity and mortality1. Due to the emerging bacterial resistances, combination antibiotic therapy is essential in many medical practices. However, traditional oral or intravenous administrations of antibiotics may lead to severe adverse effects related to the pharmacokinetics2. In contrast, inhaled powder forms of combination antibiotics can be delivered directly to the respiratory tract. Dry powder inhalers are very promising to providing a safer, cheaper and more efficacious solution for the treatment of respiratory infections.


Professor Kim Chan

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Sydney Pharmacy School

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In this project, combination antibiotics powders will be developed using various particle engineering techniques including spray drying and freeze-spray drying. The physical properties of the composite powders produced are examined using state-of-the-art characterisation tools such as scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray powder diffraction (XRD), atomic force microscopy (AFM) and dynamic vapour sorption (DVS). The in vitro aerosol and anti-bacterial efficiency will be evaluated and optimised. In vivo efficacy will be tested using an infected mouse model. The success of this project will result in new pharmaceutical therapies which will benefit those patients who are suffering from difficult-to treat respiratory infections.

Additional Information

1. The Australian Lung Foundation's Case Statement: Respiratory infectious disease burden in Australia. The Australian Lung Foundation., 9 (2007). 2. M. E. Falagas, S. K. Kasiakou, Clinical Infectious Diseases 40, 1333 (2005).

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pharmacy, powder aerosol, drug formulations, antibiotics, respiratory

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